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Essentials of an Ironclad Roof

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Layers of Protection

Water is predictable. We know where water is most likely to penetrate a roof and enter your home, so we apply multiple layers of defense to keep it out.

Like the generous use of WeatherLock impermeable ice and water shield in valleys, eaves and other locations. And the synthetic Deck Defense underlayment across your entire roof deck. And that doesn't even include the high-quality shingles themselves!

Simply Better Shingles

Owens Corning is an industry leader for many good reasons. Duration dimensional shingles give superior impact resistance and wind resistance with a nailing zone that always goes through a minimum of three layers.

Missing shingles after a storm? That's an occurrence you won't miss at all!

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Peace of Mind

When you invest in a roof, you're protecting your home and everything inside it. That's something you should feel very sure about.​

And that's why every Ironclad roof project comes with the Ironclad Guarantee. This gives you one place to call if you ever have an issue, and peace of mind that someone local is standing behind the workmanship. 

Picture it!

Check out our layers of protection for yourself below. Zoom in, zoom out, spin it around for a 3D look!


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